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Most visitors associate the Irish capital Dublin with the nightlife district of Temple Bar and its countless Irish pubs . But the city on the east coast has a lot more to offer its guests. 's library during your Dublin city Visit Dublin Castle , walk the Ha'penny Bridge or peek into Trinity College break .

Practical travel tips for your Dublin city trip 

Getting to Dublin 

There are numerous direct flights from Germany to Dublin International Airport. Several bus lines will take you to the city center from there. For pure city trips to Dublin, you can easily explore the city by public transport . However, if you also want to take trips to the Wicklow Mountains or along the coast, a rental car is not a bad idea. Plan about three days for Dublin itself and a full week if you want to see the surrounding area as well. Of course you can also make a longer Ireland vacation out of it - the country definitely has enough to offer.

Flights to Dublin 

As to be expected for a trip to the Emerald Isle , there are super cheap flights with the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair . These are often available from as little as €20 each way . Ryanair flies to Dublin from Cologne, Frankfurt-Hahn, Bremen, Berlin and Memmingen. As with most cheap European flights, only carry-on luggage is allowed at no extra charge. Other airlines also fly to Ireland's capital. It is of course up to you on which portal you book in the end. Make sure, however, that you do not tick any unwanted additional insurance and benefits.

Airport transfer in Dublin 

There are various bus companies and shuttle services that will take you from the airport to Dublin city. Look at the respective companies, which is best suited for the chosen accommodation. All links can be found on the Dublin Airport website.

weather in Dublin 

Thanks to North Atlantic currents, Dublin has a mild climate all year round . The average temperature in the summer months is around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, but daily temperatures above the 25 degree mark are rarely reached. In winter the temperature is around 5 degrees Celsius. rainy days There are around 140 a year , most of them in the winter months - in January, for example, it rains an average of 13 days. But even in summer it is advisable to always have an umbrella with you in Dublin .

The best travel time for city trips to Dublin 

Dublin is an excellent city break destination all year round. In the summer months you can go hiking in the nearby Wicklow Mountains , relax on the beaches of the Irish coast or explore the city in pleasant temperatures. If you want to experience Irish traditions up close, you should remember two dates: St. Patrick's Day on March 17th and of course Halloween on October 31st . Then Dublin shows itself out of control.

Infrastructure & Security in Dublin 

Dublin is not a very big city. You won't find a subway here. But that's not too bad. All the necessary distances can be covered by tram or bus . If it gets later and there is no tram or bus going in the direction you have to go yourself, a taxi is a good means of transport. Arrival is usually by plane. An identity card valid at the time of entry and exit is sufficient for entry. If children are traveling with you, a children's passport is required. It is advisable to have a current photo of the child attached to the child's passport. The Foreign Office warns against pickpockets and passport thieves in Dublin. As a precaution, it is recommended that you make copies of your ID documents and keep them in the hotel safe so that you can still identify yourself in an emergency, for example if your ID card is stolen.

Attractions in Dublin 

If you have decided on a city trip to Dublin, take at least one day to visit the historical sights of the capital:

13th Century Dublin Castle 

Dublin Castle can be found in the heart of Dublin's Old Town . Before the castle was built, there was a 930 B.C. BC erected Viking fortress. In the past, Dublin Castle served as a court, fortress and place of execution. Today, the site is the scene of important state ceremonies , such as the inauguration of new presidents. You can take part in guided tours on site.

St. Patrick's Cathedral & Christ Church Cathedral 

Originally a small wooden chapel, St. Patrick's Cathedral is now a well-known Dublin attraction . Ireland's patron saint, St. Patrick, is said to have baptized Christian converts on the site of the church. Built in 1191, the church lay dormant for some time. It is probably thanks to the Guinness family that St Patrick's Cathedral stands today - they donated the money when it needed a major refurbishment in the 1860s. Christ Church is just minutes away and continues to attract countless pilgrims to this day. The church, which was built out of wood in 1038, is also worth a visit. The cathedral houses one of the largest cathedral crypts in Ireland and England. In the Chapel of St. Laud there is a heart-shaped shrine in which lies the embalmed heart of Saint Laurence O'Toole.

Trinity College mit dem Book of Kells 

Trinity College is the oldest and arguably the most fascinating university in Ireland . here, among others Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker - he wrote Dracula - graduated . The library of the university located in the center contains around 4.5 million books and a huge collection of manuscripts and manuscripts. The Library also owns the Book of Cells.

Guinness Storehouse 

Quite a few associate Ireland with Guinness. The former brewery , which Arthur Guinness leased in 1759 for a period of 9,000 years and an annual rent of £45, can be found on the edge of Dublin city centre. Today the storehouse is housed here. On site you will learn everything about the history of beer and its production. Finally, you can enjoy your Guinness, which is included with admission, in the Sky Bar with a view over Dublin. Our pirate tip : join guided city walks to learn about Dublin's history. Tours on the Irish Revolution from 1913 to 1923 and "literary walks" in the footsteps of great Irish writers from James Joyce to Bram Stoker are popular.

Party vacation in Dublin: From Irish pub to hip club 

Party holidays are the absolute highlight of the year for many. This short trip is being saved, worked towards and finally excited for. Reason enough to think about where exactly you want to go beforehand. After all, you want to be sure that you can really take everything you can with you in the short time you are there. And fun, party and variety come first. If you're planning to spend New Year's Eve in Dublin, then visit our New Year's Travel page and find out where you can best spend the night of nights.

Dublin nightlife - Cafes, bars and clubs in Dublin 

There are three types of bars in Dublin : traditional bars and pubs where you can learn about Irish pub history, modern pubs and music pubs . A good address to start the evening, for example, is the Temple Bar District . Here you will find a lot of pubs , but this quarter is also very touristy and accordingly expensive. Nevertheless, you must have been here once during your city trip!

Pubs in Dublin 

Ireland is not only known for its green pastures, but also for good beer . The best known is probably Guinness , but Kilkenny , an inland red ale , is also very popular. To test your way through the country's beers, head to a quaint and cozy pub during your Dublin city break. The density of pubs in Dublin is high: there are said to be around 750 in the city area. No wonder the pub is like a second living room for some Irish people - this is where friends, neighbors and colleagues meet after work. in Dublin's pubs, particularly in the city centre . In the evenings, live music can often be enjoyed Of course Dublin's pubs often have really good food too . Hearty dishes such as fish & chips and classics such as Irish stew and coddle are served . Pubs that are open in the morning are also good for Irish breakfasts .

Temple Bar - the nightlife district in Dublin 

Temple Bar, the pub and party district on the south bank of the Liffey , is perhaps better known around the world than the Irish capital itself. The small cobbled streets are lined with pubs and there is good live music everywhere . Here you'll hear young up and coming musicians playing rock music as well as bands playing traditional Irish music. The atmosphere here is often much more exuberant than in the quiet pubs on the outskirts. In our opinion, a visit to Temple Bar is definitely worth a visit. It's not cheap in Temple Bar, you can pay up to 8 euros for a Guinness on the spot.

More Dublin pubs are... 

... the modern pubs and bars. This often includes cafes and normal bars . The style is more reminiscent of a New York store than 'real' Dublin pubs. One such contemporary pub is Bruxelles , which bills itself as Dublin's cosmopolitan pub . The Hole in The Wall is a mixture of the traditional and an attempt to arrive in the modern age. It must be said that it was a very successful attempt. The third type of pub that is currently fashionable are the music pubs . A classical music pub is Whelan's . Not only small, unknown groups perform here regularly, but also the big names of the Irish music scene. The Bernard Shaw also invites you to dance and celebrate with a good Irish beer in the early evening hours. When the evening is over and the party can really get going, it's from the Dublin pubs to the city's clubs time to switch . A specially decorated club is The Church . Decorated like a church, the club offers a pleasant atmosphere, a good bar and decent food, great music and partying all night long. Another excellent address for a Dublin party is Club M in Dublin. An evening in the Dice Bar with rocking music and visitors who love to dance is also pure partying. Whether in the trendy club The Redbox on the ground floor of the Clarence Hotel, which is reminiscent of a cave in terms of ambience or in the club The Kitchen , anyone who wants to party in Dublin will find clubs and bars with completely different offers and moods here, so that there really is something for every taste the right one is there.

Activities & Highlights in Dublin 

Shopping in Dublin 

Dublin's two main shopping streets are Grafton Street and Henry Street . Here you will find numerous international chains and Irish souvenir shops. look at the street musicians of Grafton Street Take a closer . Today famous musicians like Damien Rice and Glen Hasard started here.

Excursions in the surrounding area 

Plan at least a day to explore the beautiful Wicklow Mountains south of Dublin. Visit the famous medieval Abbey of Glendalough or the pretty town of Kilkenny , known for its Norman castle as well as its brewery. Our pirate tip : The former fishing village of Howth is also a popular destination for Dubliners themselves, with seals in the harbor basin and cozy cafés and restaurants. City breaks to Dublin are a great way to pay a short visit to Ireland and learn about Ireland's rich history and famous Gaelic music scene. Look forward to exciting days in the Irish capital!

Where to stay in Dublin 

Whether it 's a hostel in Dublin, a Dublin hotel or a bed and breakfast in Dublin, the possibilities here are almost endless. Accommodation in Dublin city center is often a bit more expensive, but it's a better way to explore the city on foot. Hotels in Dublin Hostels in Dublin have a long and quite successful history. Here you usually sleep centrally and cheaply. Many hostels in Dublin give you the choice of staying in a dorm or a private room. We have a list of the most popular hostels in Dublin:

  2. Generator Dublin           
  3. Isaacs Hostel           
  4. Oliver St. John Gogarty's Hostel      

Hostels in Dublin 

A Dublin hotel is easy to find but tends to be a bit more expensive. You have the choice between a simple low-budget hotel or a luxurious 5° hotel. The prices of hotels in Dublin Ireland vary greatly. Especially on public holidays, such as St. Patrick's Day, prices often go up quickly.

  2. Cassidys Hotel           
  3. Maldron Hotel Parnell Street           
  4. The Fitzwilliam Hotel Dublin      

Airbnb und Bed&Breakfasts in Dublin 

A Dublin bed and breakfast, as the name suggests, usually provides a basic bed and a good Irish breakfast. You also have the option of renting an Airbnb in Dublin during your stay. Here are our B&B favorites:

  2. Oaklodge Bed and Breakfast           
  3. Sinclair House           
  4. Tipperary House Dublin      

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